Service Overview

If you are moving your office premises, chances are, you have large items of furniture to transport from one office to another. That can be a real headache for businesses, especially for those who don’t have the tools or the people to disassemble each piece of furniture.


How It Works?!

At The Moving Brothers, we have everything we need, including the tools for the job and a team that can quickly disassemble your office furniture before loading it onto our trucks for transporting to the new premises. Our team has done this time and time again. We know how to work quickly and respectfully, ensuring that your furniture and equipment are handled with care and kept in the best condition throughout the move.

At the new premises, our professional moving team will have your office furniture assembled quickly and efficiently so that they are ready for use as soon as possible. We can also assist with packing and unpacking your office items as required.


We’re detail orientated and will ensure everything is assembled correctly in your new office.


We’re local, professional, efficient, and we understand that your business doesn’t stop during a move.


Our highly skilled and experienced team works quickly when assembling office furniture.